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Job Title Function Salary Location Expired Date
National Sales Director Sales Director Competitive HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
Presales Engineer IT - Software Staff Competitive HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
IT Business Support Specialist IT - Software Specialist Competitive HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
Head of Sales (eLogistics) Sales Director Confidential HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
Sales Manager Sales Manager Competitive HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
Key Account Manager- South Sales & Marketing Manager Competitive HoChiMinh 12/31/2020
Text & Content Coordinator Creative/Design Staff Competitive HoChiMinh 11/30/2020
Technical Manager Technical Manager Competitive HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
Sales Manager - Logistics company Sales Manager 1,500 - 2,000 HoChiMinh 12/01/2020
Electrical Asvisor Technical Engineer Competitive HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
Senior System Engineer Technical Senior Engineer Competitive HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
QA Engineer QA/QC Engineer Competitive HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
Social Media & PR Executive Marketing Staff 19 - 20 mil Gross HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
General Manager General Manager Manager 5,000 - 6,000 USD HoChiMinh 10/31/2020
Mechanical Engineer (Electrical/Electronic Background) Operation Engineer Competitive HoChiMinh 11/30/2020