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Our training service delivers flexible, scalable training solutions to match your team's learning requirements and existing skill set.  We design custom training programs, in-house or offsite, based on the needs of your organization and public training programs.


TCS training courses combine the latest tools, techniques, market research, case studies and dynamic ways of thinking, delivered by experienced trainers to ensure the skills and knowledge acquired are directly applicable to your organization.

-          Research the latest concepts, tools, techniques and tried and tested methods

-          Trainers the highest standard of dynamic trainers with cross-industry experience

-          Applicability training relevant to your needs and your workplace

-          Interactive limited numbers with group exercises, role-plays and feedback

-          Action planning, implementation and follow-up

-          Documentation comprehensive supporting notes and further reading materials

-          Venue deluxe facilities supporting the training environment


In-house Training

TCS offers a full spectrum of short courses and curricula that can be customised to your exact needs & be brought right to your doorstep. You save time, money and travel hassles by bringing our courses to your site or to any convenient location you choose.

For further information,

Contact Ms. Le Trang for details at (84)-8-39390388 ext. 103 or


Public Training

For further information

Contact Ms. Le Trang for details at (84)-8-39390388 ext. 103 or