Project Risk Management
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the PMI PMBoK® definitions of project, program and portfolio management and the essential difference with operations activities.
  • Understand the critical role stakeholders take in project risk management.
  • Identify the benefits of good risk management practice.
  • Understand the definition of risk and key attributes necessary to manage risk, the key components of the PMI PMBoK® Risk Management process and the project risk management lifecycle.
  • Identify key missing information necessary to understand the project environment and identify the key stakeholders, providing a stakeholder analysis and grid to define their strategy to manage the stakeholder groups.
  • Run a risk workshop and so identify and define the risks associated with their case study. This will enable participants to determine what treatment they will apply to their identified risk and derive a prioritized initial risk register for their case study.
  • Develop their risk registers to include probability, impact(s), and factored exposure with root causes and owners to their prioritized risks for their case study. This will exercise the participants to identify and determine which risks are worthy of immediate attention and who are the natural owners for the risks.
  • Calculate risk reserve based on a number of accepted formulae, and make recommendations to the management on the reserve required for their portfolio of risk.
  • Determine if they would alter their treatment for their portfolio of risks, what response actions would be appropriate for their top risks, and if there might be additional project cost incurred to carry out the response actions.
  • Present a “Top 5 Risks “ executive report on the risks, the overall risk exposure to the project, the likely impact(s), what the outcome(s) may be for the project, their trend over time and what response (mitigation) action is in place and its likely success.
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