#2207 - Brand Manager [HCMC] - Fashion/ Cosmetics Retail

Company Name       Tiro's client
Industry       Retail/ Cosmetics Distribution
Description       Company in Retail/ Cosmetics Distribution
Job Title       Brand Manager [HCMC] - Fashion/ Cosmetics Retail
Salary       3,000 - 3,500 $
Career Level       Manager
Job Description       Roles
The key responsibility of the Brand Manager within a country exclusive Distributor Organization such as we are, is to develop each brand to which he or she has been designated, in terms of market share and profitability within the timeframe agreed with the management whilst following the equity guidelines established by the Brand owners, otherwise referred to as the Suppliers. For a Distributor this is a vital role in the company because without successful brands it cannot survive in the long run. At the same time it is a key role for the suppliers whose brands the BM represents, develops and protects.
In order to execute this main responsibility successfully there are a number of functions which the BM is required to execute.


• Develop the Annual Sales Targets for each brand and total portfolio in liaison with the Sales Director or CBD Manager. This should comprise of unit and value forecasts divided by brand and line which will reflect the distribution plan proposed by the CBD Manager.
• Propose the Annual Advertising & Promotional Plan for each brand based on the funds generated by the anticipated sales plus any investment contribution from the Suppliers as well as the Distributor. The plan will include expenditure on all forms of Media, POS material imported or manufactured locally and is the most important element for ensuring the success of the sales targets agreed with the sales team. As such it is necessary to discuss and agree the elements in detail both with Management and the Sales Team so that all parties are comfortable with the support tools allowed for each section of the distribution chain including online as well as offline business whilst at the same time ensuring sufficient funds for expanding the overall awareness of the brands concerned.
• In order to develop these plans it is necessary for the BM to issue an annual Marketing Calendar based on the information provided by the Suppliers and constantly update the information according to information received from the marketing department of each supplier as well as those responsible for the supply chain and incoming shipments. This calendar will contain the basic information on the timing of new product launches as well as their level of importance and information concerning the repromotion of existing lines to maintain the core business. The calendar should also not simply be a result of calculating the timeline from supplier availability to on counter date but needs also to take into account the seasonality and major fragrance purchasing periods such as Christmas, Valentine, s Day ,Woman’s Day etc. as well as maintaining a balanced calendar to avoid clashes between major launches and over emphasis on one gender or another.
• The BM needs to be aware of sales and A & P expenses on a regular and constant basis so that adjustments can be made during the course of a year to maintain profitability. To this end there should be a quarterly review with data received from the accounts department in the format required to track each category of expense.
• The Marketing Department led by the BM is the vital link between Distributor and Supplier so that the BMs duty is to keep fully up to date with Brand developments and pass on this information promptly to the appropriate departments within the Distributor organization. A constant flow of information from Marketing to the Sales forces, the Merchandising teams and Online Marketing Team is essential to maintain a dynamic and informed interface for Retailers.
• For each new product launch the BM and Marketing Support Team will provide a condensed version of the Launch Book as well as a document containing the essential facts such as anticipated launch timing, product specification, indicated retail price position as well as merchandising and promotional support material available to enable the Sales Team to obtain from each retail organization a forecast which will be consolidated and returned to the Marketing Department within a specified period of time for onward transmission to the Supplier.
• An important part of the BM’s role is to ensure the quality of the distribution of all brands so that it meets the standards set by the Supplier and follows the guidelines agreed between the Supplier of the Brands, the Distributor and the Sales Management. This process should start with a clear set of guidelines established and shared with the sales force so that the an agreed criteria is met both by existing accounts and new door openings. In this way the business of brand building in line with the international objectives of each brand can help to create a longer term regular business rather than the achievement of purely short term goals. In other words the development of a healthy business.
• The BM has a duty to ensure that the instore location and appearance of each brand is established correctly in the case of new store openings and maintained or improved in the case of existing outlets. It is recognized that there may be other factors involved due to local conditions which only those in that locality may be aware of and for this reason the selection of brands, their location in the store and the amount of space each brand will occupy should be a democratic process involving a recommendation from Brand to the Sales and Management so that everyone is aligned before the final decision is taken.
• In terms of Merchandising it is the BMs responsibility to ensure that the Sales and Merchandising teams have all the information they need to ensure that all planograms are up to date and all visuals instore are valid and respecting the Brand guidelines which are current at all times. Regular checks should be made either in person or by photo to assure that the process is adhered to.
• The BM must be the custodian of all Brand Equities, be aware of any changes and maintain a record to which Sales and Marketing personnel should have access.
• Whilst Retail pricing is mainly dictated by the Supplier, nevertheless there are brands which are allowed to be priced according to market conditions or a distributors own strategy. In all cases the retail prices are set by the Marketing Team under the leadership of the BM and with agreement from the BOD. The establishment of prices should take account of profit criteria and competitive products. For this reason Sales and Marketing need to work together to maintain a record of competitive retail pricing of the brands considered to be key competitors

Function       Marketing & Sales Management
Working Location       HoChiMinh

• At least 5 years’ experience in brand or product management
• Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
• Strong research and analytical skills
• Strong understanding of beauty industry
• Strong negotiation skills
• Budget management skills


Ms. Chau
HP: 078 731 3626
Email: chautruong@tiro.com.vn

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