#1423 - Manager Logistics

Company Name       Confidential
Industry       Automative - Motor vehicle - Parts
Description       Confidential
Job Title       Manager Logistics
Salary       Competitive
Career Level       Manager
Job Description       - Production Planning
• Based on the business plan, OP establish the aggregate output planning cover coming 12 months, testing the feasibility of aggregate output plans and evaluating the overall capacity utilization
• Based on the feasibility aggregate output plans and the demands of individual product, establish the monthly production schedule. Optimize the plan to minimize the downtime.
• Issue the daily production schedule for individual product and line
• Forward the planning information to related departmants (sales forecast, production, facility-capacity, import & export quota, warehouse capacity, material requirement plan
• Inform the detail plan for the next 4 weeks to Production, Engineering, Quality and Logistics Dept.
• Be in charge of planning information to SMS and SAP timely and exactly
• Review the demand forecast with Sales team and plan for production lines in yearly, monthly, weekly and daily to meet Sales requirements
• Develop effective communication process to response quickly to Sales team when the market condition change
• Establish CKD stock, W.I.P to ensure warehouse capacity and smoothly production
- Material Requirement
• Based on the sales forecast, CKD inventory, actual sales,... forecast the CKD kit and consumable materials requirement for the next 12 months, confirm order for next 3 months
• Follow up and update the option codes for each product. Forward this information to related department that sales plans, tool & equipment, capacity plan can adjust in time
• Follow up the lead time delivery and material arrivals
• Contact local oversea supplier ragarding the delivery
• Order CM materials to ensure enough for production as well as minimize stock and handling charge
• Establish materials supply schedule and send the requirements to suppliers
- Controlling
• Optimize the production plan based on the sales requirements, inventory, materials ETA, claimed parts...
• Revise the production schedule timely and accordingly for any deviations
• Strictly follow up the production process to ensure the production activities are in the line with the plan
• Strictly follow up the claimed parts arrival and robbing to ensure vehicles input and release in time for Sales
• Check, receive and store materials
• Follow up and regulate plan, order to ensure production lines run smoothly and stocks are minimum always
• Give feedback to supplier any troubles and solve problems
• Manage the expired date, FIFO in term of short shelf life of CM
• Oversee the inventory management process, define strategies for appopriate consumption inventory level, eliminate absolete and off-spec materials, reduce aging materials
• Minimise the unneccessary consumption stock
• Establish the supply flow for feeding production lines
• Assess suplier performance in criterias built from PUR
• Collaborate with other teams to find ways of improving efficency or reducing cost
- Ware housing
• Optimality and foot printing
• Work instruction for staff ans workers
• Supplying and carrying materials to production lines
• CM material inputs, outputs documented
• Monthly audit
• Ensure the updated data and time closing in SAP
• To submit receipts to Finance Dept
• Hightly awareness of safety of chemical warehouses
• Establish and monior warehouse procedure in safety requirement
• Oversee the planed maintainance of warehouse equipments
- Body transportation
• Arranging trucks ans drivers for bodies transportation
• Follow up and solve problems
• Document to finance Dept. for payment
• Optimize the transportation trips to reduce cost
- Fuel Station
• Follow up and the order fuel for company use
• Download the data from software system
• Make a report for fuel consumption
• Send the detail reports to the users
• Follow up the operation of software and fuel station
- Local content
• Searching the potential local supplier
• Searching DAG supplier in Vietnam together with GP & S
• Negotiate the deletion price with supplier of original part and time frame
• Follow up local content policy
• Create proposal P×P import duty for each model basing on regulation with tax saving
- Health – Safety – Environment, ISO TS
• Comply with standard of HSE
• Follow up ISO TS at Logistics dept.
• Ensure the company is compliance with law and regulations regarding transportation, hazardous materials
Function       Logistics
Working Location       HoChiMinh

- Master degree in Business Administration
- Experience (type of)
- 3-5 years experience in Logistics, Warehousing, Purchasing and Inventory control, Engineering, Quality system experience with oversea partners (daily email, phone, fax)
Specific knowledge
- Good in MS Office, SAP expert
- Fluent in English (spoken and written)
- Strong at Problem solving, Project management, leading


Ms. Phuong
Email: phuongnguyen@tiro.com.vn

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